The Right Mindset for Startup Founders


The Right Mindset for Startup Founders
Photo by kylie De Guia / Unsplash

I've learned a lot since starting my startup. One of the most important lessons I've learned is that interpreting good news and bad news in the right mindset is vital for founders. It's a skill that's not being appreciated enough by people who haven't start a startup before.

This goes to the nature of startups: the early stages of any business are inherently high-risk and highly uncertain. It's like sailing. Yesterday it was sunny, today there comes a thunderstorm, and tomorrow is bright again. Speaking in startup terms: yesterday's design progress is seriously stuck. Today's engineering development has a significant breakthrough. Tomorrow a cooperation plan falls apart. The day after tomorrow, a great designer wants to join the team to help.

So what is the right mindset for a startup founder? I think it is: don't be too happy when you get good news. Stay cautious; Don't get too depressed when you get bad news. Stay positive. I had experienced countless times when the problem I thought impossible to solve yesterday only to find that it was not as difficult as I had imagined after researching for a while. This made me realize that no problem is impossible to solve in theory; the key is to have the patience to solve it.

Therefore, in a highly uncertain environment, the ability to solve difficult problems is essential, but the real key is to have steady progress every day for a very long time. The most important thing you can do before starting a startup is to take a seasick pill and make sure the ship will keep going on sunny days and stormy days. As long as you can get closer to the goal every day, you can reach the goal sooner or later.

Why post this article now? Because today I solved a problem that I thought was super difficult. This experience has happened more than ten times since I started my startup, and it feels good.