Golden Kitty Award

Heptabase has won the Product Hunt’s 2023 Golden Kitty Award in the Personal Productivity category!

Golden Kitty Award

This morning, I was thrilled to learn that Heptabase has won the Product Hunt’s 2023 Golden Kitty Award in the Personal Productivity category!

I would like to start by thanking all the users who love and support Heptabase. Throughout the two years of early product development, your continuous motivation, feedback, and promotion have tremendously inspired our team. Every user interview you participated in and every detail we asked you during customer support has been crucial in improving our product. Without you, there would not be today's Heptabase. We sincerely thank you!

I also want to thank the tireless efforts of the Heptabase team. The best products are never created by just one person, but by a group of people iterating through countless cycles of feedback, debate, and development. Each member of the team has played an incredibly important role in these cycles. You have all seen the internal data - for a small team of six people to achieve such product retention and organic growth, and for these numbers to continue improving, you should feel incredibly proud!

Of course, even though Heptabase has matured significantly compared to two years ago, we are well aware that there is still a long way to go to achieve our vision. After receiving this award, we will continue to do our best to maintain the momentum of product development and thoughtful design, making Heptabase the best product in the world for helping you learn and make sense of complex topics!

P.S. We’ll ship a new version this week. Stay tuned!

今天一早醒來,很開心得知 Heptabase 在 Product Hunt 2023 年度產品金貓獎(Golden Kitty Award)提名中獲得個人生產力類別的冠軍!

這次能獲獎,我想要先感謝所有熱愛和支持 Heptabase 的用戶。在產品早期開發的這二年多期間,你們持續地激勵、反饋和推廣,都大大地鼓舞著我們團隊。你們參與的每一次用戶訪談、以及你們在客服系統中被我們追問的各種細節脈絡,都是讓產品變好的至關重要的養分。沒有你們,就不會有今天的 Heptabase。真的非常謝謝你們!

我也要感謝 Heptabase 團隊日以繼夜不懈地努力。最好的產品從來都不是一個人想出來的,而是一群人在無數次的反饋、辯論和開發循環中迭代出來的,而團隊的每一個人都在這些循環的過程中扮演了無比重要的角色。你們都看過內部數據,一個六人的小團隊能達到這樣的產品留存和自然成長數據,而且這樣的數據還持續地在變好,你們應當感到相當驕傲!

當然,即便 Heptabase 相較於二年前已經成熟許多,我們深知它離達成願景還有一大段路要走。在這次獲獎後,我們會繼續盡其所能地保持產品開發的動能以及在設計上的深思熟慮,讓 Heptabase 在幫助你學習和理解複雜主題的這個用途上成為全世界最好的產品。

P.S. 我們這週會發布一個新的版本。敬請期待!